Powering the future

As advocates for sustainability, we believe in transforming the way we drive, one electric vehicle at a time.

About Us

Driving global electric vehicle (EV) adoption

We recognize the crucial role that accessible charging infrastructure plays in this transition. EVLUV steps in as a reliable partner, offering a concierge-like scheduling assistance, reminders, and a smooth booking solution through an intuitive app. By simplifying the charging experience, we aim to make EVs a more viable and convenient choice for everyone, contributing to the growth of sustainable transportation worldwide.

Our Products

EVLUV for Businesses

Transform your property into an EV-friendly destination with EVLUV charging solutions. Discover the key to attracting environmentally conscious guests, unlocking new revenue streams, and enhancing the overall appeal of your property.

EVLUV for EV Drivers

For an EV driver, every journey begins with a charge. Our platform is designed with you in mind, offering a range of unique benefits that redefine the way you power your EV. At EVLUV we make EV charging effortless.

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